Will there be a 2022 Portland Festival??? Yes! But we need your help….

Will there be a 2022 Portland Festival??? Yes! But we need your help….

As most of you know, our last festival was held in 2019. We typically use proceeds from the previous festival as seed capital for the next one. However… We also have a building on Northwestern Parkway that we use to store all the festival supplies and equipment, and it serves as our headquarters during The Festival and throughout the year.

2 years of electricity bills, water bills, sewer bills, taxes, and other building expenses have eaten into our seed capital. In addition to sunk costs, like everyone else, we’re seeing sharp increases in the prices for products and services that are essential to putting on the festival you know and love!

Our insurance costs have more than tripled! We need to buy the insurance to get the Certificate of Insurance before the City will give us permits. And the permit fees…

Do you like the live music at the Festival? The stage, setup, and rigging was $8,000 in 2019. Great bands rarely drag all their equipment on stage in the summer heat and play for free…

We’re required to keep a certain number of security on site at all times, at considerable expense…

With your help, we can preserve The Festival experience you’ve come to expect. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 from the community to pay for many of the frontloaded costs of the festival. If we’re unable to reach our goal, we’ll need to scale things back, and hope that we’ll have enough left over for the 2023 Portland Festival.

We’re not asking for much. If we got $10 from 1,000 folks, or $5 from 2,000, we’ll be all set!  Give what you can so that we can all enjoy one of the best event in Louisville, let alone Portland!

You can make an online donation on our Square website @ https://portlandfestival.square.site or to donate via cash or check, e-mail portlandfestivalinfo@gmail.com, or mail to: The Portland Festival, 3329 Northwestern Parkway, Louisville, KY 40212, or call 502-901-1590.

Thanks! See you at the 46th (mostly) Annual Portland Festival, June 3rd and 4th!

2020 Portland Festival Cancelled

Earlier this year, we postponed the Portland Festival due to COVID-19. We have recently been notified by Louisville Metro that they are unable to issue permits for the event. Therefore, the 2020 Portland Festival and the 2020 Portland Parade are cancelled. We will miss all of your smiling faces, and hope to see all of you in 2021! Sponsors, Vendors, and Donors will have the option to donate the funds to the festival (a tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization), carry over to 2021, or receive a full refund. We will reach out to you individually over the next few weeks to ask your choice. We thank you again for your past, present, and future support of the world’s greatest neighborhood festival.

New Dates for 2020 Portland Festival


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Portland Festival Board of Directors has voted to move the 2020 Portland Festival to the weekend of July 31st and August 1st.  If conditions have not improved before that time, or within reasonable planning limits of those dates, the 2020 Portland Festival could be rescheduled again, or canceled altogether.  It’s important to keep our traditions alive, but it’s even more important to keep our community safe.  Booth space is still available for rent, please visit www.portlandfestival.org for revised applications.  The current shutdowns have been challenging for many of our sponsors, and social distancing has made other fundraising efforts difficult.  If you would like to make a donation to the 2020 Portland Festival, you can do so at: https://checkout.square.site/pay/1dfba7fac59e4a7e89696284c1482adf

Call for vendors!

Call for vendors! The 46th annual Portland Festival is quickly approaching! Don’t miss out on applying for a vendor space for the 2020 festival on Friday, July 31st, and Saturday, August 1st. It is a great opportunity to showcase your merchandise. The festival draws thousands of people to the historic Portland neighborhood every year featuring a parade, live bands, vendor booths, an entire block of kid zone entertainment and so much more. Click on the link below for an application today!  If you have any questions please email boothrental@portlandfestival.org or contact Gregg Whitt, Vendor Chairperson, at 502-901-1590.

2020 Portland Festival Booth Rental Application